The Name

In Zoroastrian philosophy, the dominant religion of the Persian Empire, the energy of the creator is represented by fire and the Sun, both of which are enduring, radiant and life sustaining. The rooster, or xurus (pronounced ‘khoo-roos’, with the “kh” pronounced with a slightly throaty sound and the “oo” like “root”), was seen as the companion of the angel that guarded humankind at night. The xurus’ crowing signaled the transition from the evil of darkness to the goodness of daylight. As early as 3000 BCE this time of day was celebrated with a morning cup of wine poured from a rooster- shaped pitcher.

With our name and label we celebrate centuries of elegance, art, culture and joie de vivre. The single rooster became two, incorporated into the elaborately drawn border and signifying the close relationship and collaboration of the two proprietors and brothers-in-law, Ali Namdar and Kambiz Safinya.