The story of Xurus is a long and enduring one beginning with two brothers-in-law uniting in a shared passion for their timeless appetite for mystery and elegance. Over a quarter-century ago, they stumbled upon a secluded vineyard nestled amongst the rolling hills of Northern California’s Lake County. Rows of vines sprouted from the rich ruby soil, overseen by wise old oak trees standing guard along the edges. This hidden gem was home to premium Cabernet Sauvignon, thriving in the idyllic climate of sunny summer days and cool mountain nights.

They chose hardy rootstock suited to withstand the land’s fickle weather, reducing disease and rot pressure on the grapes. Meticulous vine spacing allowed for individual care, as hands guided each plant to reach its potential.

A reverence for nature led them to sustainable practices in harmony with the land—gone were harsh modern methods, replaced by gentle cultivation techniques. Vines were carefully trained and pruned, with only the finest clusters remaining come harvest time. It was a labor of love, coaxing nuanced flavors from the fruit of their vines. With patience and care, they had found a sanctuary here—an intimate place where through dedication, they could produce truly exceptional wine. For the artful collector, Xurus is the elusive jewel, where old world elegance converges with new world passion. The birth of the first 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon was at the hands of world-renowned winemaker and Bordeaux-native, Denis Malbec, the former cellar master at Château Latour.

Under golden California skies, he found inspiration—blending finesse with vibrancy, class with boldness. Malbec was an artist, coaxing poetry from the vines and translating each vintage into a passion-filled elixir. The grapes offered up their soul — Malbec revealed their hidden nuances and flavors. The 2013 harvest was his masterpiece — pronounced the best wine he ever made — encapsulating his journey from Bordeaux to this place that so moved him.

A six-year Cabernet Sauvignon vertical, 2009 to
2014, transporting you back through Malbec's passion. His wines speak of elegant old France yet sing with California's spirit—a convergence of soils, climate, and craft.

As one era ends, another begins, and Malbec's legacy lives on. Within each perfect pour, a timeless tale waits to unfold. Yet, with limited cases remaining of this extraordinary vertical, the opportunity is fleeting.

As Xurus transitions to a new chapter, the Denis Malbec era comes to a close. For the few able to secure this singular six-year retrospective, a true collector's prize awaits.

For collectors of rare gems, here you will find that magical, elusive jewel—the wine that captures mastery, class, and elegance altogether. We raise our glasses to you, the artful collector.

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